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towns in western ukraine have been taken over by armed national radicals under extremist anti-russian and other slogans being used. on the 21st of february, almost three months after the unrest and the excesses, there was an agreement between the president of ukraine and the opposition whereby they signed by the ministers of foreign affairs of germany, poland, and other countries where they refused to bring in an emergency situation. they took to the streets. the opposition did not do anything. the use of legitimate weapons was not surrendered. civic buildings were not freed. radicals are continuing to control the towns. instead of a promise of the national unity government based in the formation of the -- the parliament of ukraine made a decision limiting the rights of minorities, sent away the judges of the constitutional court, and insists on pursuing them criminally. their arguments to limit or make it punishable to ban political parties that do not suit them and to use them as examples, so the victors want to use assurances of their victory to trample the rights and basic freedom
the russian president there on the crisis in ukraine due to house more. absolutely appalled by their fruits in every answer a simple russia has been saying from day one no one since the setting sun in the war would be great for taking all four consecutive region for that matter and also moscow's military drills making headlines around the world are nothing more than western media might the report notes for the use of milk three fourths there's no need for that at the moment and the military drills that took place recently have nothing to do with the situation in ukraine we have this option but it is an extreme measure house for the legitimacy of the president get a call that request and russia to use military force to protect the lives and wellbeing of ukrainians. the nationalists and ukraine or empowered after victory on the call that gave into the demands all the off position and signed up for pretty much everything that they were looking to achieve the ends to win so he gave them a free upgrade to all of the country and under the circumstances by wilkinson said that it's understandable w
awareness about relationship violence. >>> and now no the crisis in ukraine. today, russian president vladimir putin said that he did not send the russian forces to crim crimea. his remarks stunned world leaders, but at the same time tensions seem to be easing. steve handelsman has more. >> and yes, thank you, doreen. some saw the news conference and thought that putin had taken leave of his senses, but he did try to lower the temperature of the crisis. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin was reassuring to some. he said force was not needed for now in ukraine. and he pulled russian troops from the border. but putin claim ed that ukrainians are living in terror, and he denied that he put the russian army into crimea, south ukraine. they are local self-defense forces, putin said. some of the troops fired warning shots today near ukrainian forces. president obama said that russia is not fooling anyone, and he does not respect ukrainian democracy. >> and mr. putin can throw a lot of words out there, but the facts on the ground indicate that right now, he is not abiding by that p
is to rebuild the near brood, to have the old russian empire restored as much as possible, and ukraine is a crown jewel of that, and the president has played right into putin's hands. >> and you can hear more of senator mccain's interview at 9:00 eastern on "america tonight." and let's go to the center of this crisis, nick schifrin is live in crimea with more. nick, what are you hearing there? >> reporter: well, john, the occupation by russian troops is growing, and the existence as far as we can tell is nonexistent. we traveled out there this area today every base we went to had a russian flag flying over it, russian troops were occupying their bases. they were relaxed, eating food in front of us, smiling, and laughing down the road from one of them. they were digging trenches around an armory, and we saw no evidence of any kind of resistance from anyone in the ukrainian military or the ukrainian government which has apparently told its soldiers not to shoot unless the russians are shooting at them, which they are not doing. there are more of them than there were yesterday, and they a
with a look at today's eye opener your world in 90 seconds. >> russian president vladimir putin says ukraine's ousted president is the only legitimate leader of the country and what's happening now is a coup. >> russia stands its ground in ukraine. >> shots fired in an attempt to control the advancing ukrainian troops, coming back to their base. >> we have the top -- >> secretary of state john kerry touched down in ukraine this morning. >> ukraine's navy reportedly ordered to surrender or be stormed. >> russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >>> deep freeze settling in. 45 outside of dallas was turned into a parking lot. >> i'm going back the other way. >> i just want to go home. >>> today is primary day in several states. the most high-profile race is in texas. state senator wendy davis is expected to grab the democratic nomination for governor. >>> it is fat tuesday, annual mardi gras parade bourbon street already packed with partier s partiers. >>> bill gates once again is the richest person in the world with a net worth of $76 billion. >>> national corve
. you see russian tanks outside of the ukraine bases issue they have been moving into position, forces of russia, moving into position around the facility and bases on the cripplia, as of right now -- crimea, they have surrounded 10 military and naval bases, russia ambassador to united nations, claiming that deposed president yanukovich formally requested that russian military intervene to protect ethnic russians in crimean peninsula, here is ambassador va tally this afternoon. >> president has received of russia received following from president yanukovich, i quote, statements of president of ukraine. say that the events in my place, and in kiev, have resulted in fact that i would call on mr. putin is establish peace, law an "law & order", defending people of ukraine. lou: our ambassador. samantha power blasting the rush rob an federation calling their justification for mill ta rising cirmea, a lie. ambassador power did not use the wording invasion or incurring to describe the russian military act in crimea. >> so many assersions made this afternoon are without basis, it is a fact tha
assets to the region and russian war ships passed through in istambul and saying they may go to ukraine and they are in ukraine by a lesser sense of viktor yanukovych asking for military help and we are at the u.n. and we sent this report. >> the third security council meeting about ukraine in four days. this time it was called by the russian ambassador and it soon became clear why. and he had a letter from deposed president yanukovych. >> translator: russia accused of many security council members of invading crimea. no, said ambassador, we were invited in. >> translator: and prompted strong condemnation from other ambassadors. >> reporter: russia has every right to wish that events in ukraine turned out differently but it does not have the right to express that unhappiness using military force or trying to convince the world community that up is down and black is white. >> reporter: the russian representative claims mr. yanukovych called for russian military intervention. we are talking about a former leader who abandoned his office, his capitol and his country. the idea that his
is where exactly in ukraine will these men stop. russian troops now surround the ukrainian army bases, this one the biggest. ukrainian soldiers inside won't leave, but there is no sign they're preparing to fight. ukraine's navy in crimea is equally defiant. ♪ singing their national anthem. but they, too, are surrounded. their ships are blocked by russia's navy. crimea was russian for much of its history. its people fly the flag, pray for the troops, and welcome russia's invasion. >> they want to be part of russia. >> here, everyone is russian and the crimea was russian before, so this is russia territory. >> reporter: the pro-russian revolution in ukraine isn't over. in the east, protesters storm city hall demanding a split with western ukraine. crimea isn't the only fault line in this country russia can exploit. the march of russia's soldiers may not end here. and russian threats here continue tonight, brian. it has demanded the surrender of two ukrainian warships at sea. meanwhile, russian warplanes have been probing ukrainian airspace, testing their defenses and their resolve, an
. the russian government would have you believe that the ukraine government somehow is ill legitimate or led by extremists, that the representatives of the ukraine, the elected representatives of the people of ukraine, they overwhelmingly approve the new government, even with members of yanokovych's party deserting him and voting overwhelmingly for this new party. it was his own party that the future of ukraine changed. and today, the rada is the most represented institution of ukraine. the russian government would also have you believe that the calm and friendly streets, one of which i walked down, but many which i drove through, that somehow the streets of kiev are actually dangerous. ignoring the reality that there has been no surge in crime, no surge in looting, no political retribution in kiev. the russian government would have you believe, against all the evidence that there have been mass defections of ukrainians to russia, and that hasn't happened. they would have you believe that ethnic russians and russian bases are threatened. they would have you believe that kiev is trying to des
that ukraine is on the brink of disaster. we vice-president hearing claims of the russian ultimatums. what is the biggest fear from the kiev government right now? >> well, i think what we are witnessing is not just a military invasion into ukrainian territory. russia is taking the whole world into the cold war era. we are really seeing the events which are unfolding as a major threat not just to our state hood and integrity, but to peace and security throughout the whole world. >> yulia tymoschenko, a former prime minister released from prison, she said there's a russian bill discussed in the duma calling for the annexation of crimea. have you heard that? >> it's information from the russian parliament that a bill has been registered in the russian parliament. it's too hard to tell whether it's political bluffing on behalf of the russian lawmakers or part of vladimir putin's plan. we see it as unacceptable, not just for ukraine, but the whole democratic world. >> pardon me for being a devil's advocate, a lot of alarms are coming out of kiev. is that at all part of the strategy, getting the
continues in ukraine as russian forces fire warning shots from an air force base they now occupy. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson, welcome to "the real story." after marshalling troops into parts of ukraine, russian president vladimir putin claiming it's the west making things worse. claiming needed to go in to protect ethnic population living there. he says they are living under threat. it's the russian troops who seem to be calling all the shots. >> russian ambassador to the u.n. now claiming exiled ukrainian prime minister is the reason russia sent troops in. president obama spoke about the standoff just a short time ago. >> the course of history is for people to want to be free to make their own decisions about their own futures. and the international community, i think, is unified in believing that it is not the role of an outside force where there's been no evidence of serious violence, whether there's been no rational under international law to intervene in people trying to determine their own destiny. >> chief white house correspondent ed henry live at the white house for
, and not try to put troops into the eastern part of ukraine, where there are a lot of russians. >> he may put troops into either parts of ukraine, but i think that he will settle for crimea. it is somewhat his grandiose russian delusional goal to bring crimea back, the jewel of the soviet empire, to bring it back under the russian control from ukraine. i agree with the georgian president. that he may settle for that. >> do you agree that the west has leverage that it can really apply, and force putin to behave? >> well, the west clearly has leverage, but it has not been working so far. vladimir putin has not been behaving. i agree with the president that anyone using other terms than he used, but i think russia or vladimir putin will choke on ukraine. he has done more than he can swallow. it will not last long. all the foreign accounts that russians have, that can be great leverage as the president mentioned. if you restrict access of russians to travel to western europe or the united states, vladimir putin will be popular with the grandy owes ideas, russia coming back to the former glory. if
the or independence of ukraine. i want to underline that by this aggression the russian theration is undermining regime. i wish to brief you on the most recent development in the crimea,us territory of ukraine. beginning 24 february, 60,000 russian troops have been deployed by military ships, airplaness, and cargo from the neighboring territory of the russian federation. the russian troops keep taking their attempts to seize, block, and control crucial governmental and military objects of the ukraine in crimea. the parliament of crimea, civil and military airports, means of communications, radio stations, customs service, military headquarters, and the headquarters of the ukraine navy in crimea. all main roads are blocked. accumulation of russian federation troops and military equipment along the eastern border of ukraine clearly indicates russia's preparation for a possible military intervention into ukraine and the other parts of our country. so far, ukrainian armed forces have exercised restraint, and refrain from active resistance to their pressure. is russian federation performing psycholog
right now. thanks everybody. >> fox news alert on the growing crisis in ukraine. russian troops firing warning shots in the air. new concerns that the russia is reaching its military deeper into ukraine as russian president vladmir putin says he reserves the right to use force to protect those living in what he calls terror. meantime, our secretary of state john kerry is in dehe have meeting with leaders of the newly formed ukrainian government as the united states announce as one billion dollars eight package to ukraine and considers sanctions that putin says will only backfire. a live report moments from now. but first right now, breaking news on today's top headlines and brand new stories you will see here first. jon: a major announcement from nascar star kurt bush. what he is planning to do that no driver in the last decade has done. >>> 8-year-old suing her parents for college tuition. today they face off in court. >>> and toronto mayor rob ford appearing on "jimmy kimmel" live. the man who admitted to smoking crack reacted to the suggestion that he get some help. it is all "happe
days. russia's ambassador criticized ukraine's government for trying to persecute ethnic russians. >> translator: the rights and freedoms of people in ukraine are being threatened. we would like to emphasize once again that the actions of our military are appropriate and legitimate. >> the u.s. ambassador dismissed the claims. samantha power said there's no danger to ethnic russians. >> russian military action is not a human rights protection mission. it is a violation of international law, and a violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the independent nation of ukraine. >> ukraine's envoy at the security council to do everything possible to stop what he called russian aggression. yuri serg yef joined others in calling for international monitors in his country. >>> a team of japanese engineers has tested a system that is intended to reduce the swaying of skyscrapers during powerful earthquakes. it consists of a massive pendulum that would counteract any movement in a building caused by a quake. many buildings in tokyo and osaka shook slowly and widely during the 2
. warning shots fired in ukraine, russian and ukrainian troops face off in crimea and the prime minister to speak about the foreign policy in the middle east and they say they are being forced to work for free for amazon and headed to the supreme court to make their case. >> but who knows about tomorrow. who knows. >> reporter: he is 101 years old, has a 93-year-old girlfriend and does play golf anymore because it makes him angry but he is not sitting around but he wants to make a difference in congress. ♪ a confrontation in crimea. ukraine i don't know troops marching unarmed into a line of russian soldiers outside of an air base in a city of balbek, the russians fired warning shots into the air and told them to back off. the brief but tense standoff was diffused without blood shed and good morning and women come to al jazeera america and i'm stephanie sy and vladimir putin is speaking live in moss could and calling it an unconstitutional coup and a seizure of power and john kerry arrived in ukraine and in a show of support he will meet with the new government and it's part of a u.s.
here is russia invading ukraine further and accuses the russians of creating a pretext to do that. as a billion dollar loan package for ukraine and lots of talk in the united states and europe about what sanctions might be drawn up in order to punish russia if it further escalates the situation here in ukraine. >> thank you, amy kellogg on the ground in kiev. >> it is one of the most complicated foreign policy issues of mr. obama's president so. the president came out an hour ago to speak about the crisis. >> they are reading economic sanctions and what they are and how far they will go, it is not yet clear. they talked about options and everything from working with allies to work with them about the g8 and pulling out of the g8 in sochi in june. maybe even going as far as targeting of freezing of asset was russians abroad and that is, you start to hit the wallets and purses of russians with ties directly to the putin regime would hit the russians. >> the president said there will be costs for the act of aggression. but the converbal wisdom and that the president needs russia and
>>> breaking his silence, russian president, vladmir putin defends sending troops into ukraine and declares it is humanitarian mission and warns th more force remains an option. >>> the president wants to expand a tax credit for the middle class and the working poor. >>> an emotional testimony at the blade runners trial in south africa. neighbors describes the screams before he shot and killed his girlfriend. >>> hello, everyone. i'm john berman. michaela pereira is off today. with he would like to welcome our viewers here and around the world. we will have those stories and more at this hour. a knew escalation in the crisis in ukraine. reuters news agency is reporting that the russian navy is blocking a channel between crimea and russia. we are waiting for a critical news conference from secretary of state, john kerry are, at the center of the worst crisis since russia and the west. i arrived in kiev just hours ago. one of his first stops in independence square. you can see him at the makeshift memorial being created to honor those killed in the demonstrations on the street. t
and crawling the crisis in ukraine and who -- russian president vladimir putin called the crisis in ukraine a coup. and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu readies his speech to the biggest row in your lobby in washington. he told barack obama you will never compromise on israel plastic your day. israel's security. also coming up for you this hour, did you ever wonder what was the most expensive city in the world? a new survey says it is singapore, but right here in paris as a close second. will have the headlines from today's papers. most of the prez today is dominated by the situation in ukraine, and that was where we will begin this hour. vladimir putin is giving a lengthy conference on the as leading conference -- conflict in ukraine. he slammed what he called a unconstitutional takeover of our, basically a coup in ukraine. he said that the illegal change cannot be encouraged, but understands the wanting of change. he says that viktor yanukovych is still the legitimate president. gave updent yanukovych our company excepted everything the opposition demanded. accepted the idea of h
there is a confusion between ethnic russians, and russian speakers. nearly half of the citizens of ukraine speak russian at their home or at work, but it does not mean they are ethnically russian. 75% are ethnically ukrainian. the two nations is one of the elements of this confusion that often is mentioned in the western media. the -- the second element of confusion has to do with the bogus strategy exaggerated threat that comes from radical nationalists in ukraine. some receive government positions in the new government and that has been a mistake by the new ukrainian authorities, but all of the front runners in the current presidential election are russian speakers. klitschko was born in russia. yulia tymoshenko has been youed as a good partner with putin. and she is a front runner in the presidential election. both come from ukraine. the far right that many people talk about is really a marginal insignificant political force. >> we have our community tweeting in about some of the tartars. sophia says . . . and we have a video comment. >> today russia opened the door of our house without knock
: ukraine's military will not be much of a match for russia. the russian army 850,000 strong and the ukraine has 150,000. they spend $1 billion a year but russia spends 100 times more than that figure. the ukraine is using military technology from the cold war, planes and tanks that are basically obsolete. martha: the russian invasion hit wall street hard. it plummeted 200 pounds during the day and closed down 150 points. charles, why the u.s. markets so rattled by this? >> any geopolitical instability is going to rat the our markets. when you start to say russia is involved. i'm going to be frank with you. i'm impressed we were able to climb 100 points off the low yesterday. it's a hughes news week i -- itk in america. but ever unnerving what's going on in crimea. martha: the wheat markets, all of that impacted. >> ukraine is the breadbasket of europe. gold had one of its best sessions in a long time and oil at $104. sooner or later it trickles back at the gas pump. every person from around the world is affected from this tension. martha: a move into u.s. bonds? >> what they call safe haven
. russian troops, who had taken control of a ukrainian air base in crimea fired warning shots as ukraine soldiers approached. all this as we said with secretary of state john kerry now in ukraine in a show of support. nbc news chief fortunate affairs correspondent andrea mitchell joins us now by phone in kiev. andrea, do we have a preview of what we might hear from secretary kerry? >> well, secretary kerry, we're in the motorcade right now with him heading to a news conference at the u.s. embassy. he's just met with all the leaders, acting leaders, here and tried to encourage them with an offer of $1 billion in loan guarantees to help offset expected increases in energy costs coming from russia, as russia continues to try to squeeze them. there's a lot of interest in his reaction to what vladimir putin said. he would have gotten a readout by now, but has been on a pretty busy schedule, the emotional trip through the square, where he lit a candle and visited the shrine to those who fell to snipers' bullets, so he didn't see it himself, we were on the plane overnight flying when putin was
action. in assuming control in a sovereign part of ukraine, the russian federation has contravened its obligations is a member of the international community. it has violated article two of the human charger which prohibits the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state. it has failed to honor its international commitments as a founding member and is a signatory to the 1975 helsinki final act. it has taken back its obligations of the treaty on friendship and cooperation by russia and ukraine. the russian representative claims that mr. yanukovych has called for military intervention. we are talking about a former leader that abandoned his office, capital, and country. he brought his country to the brink of economic ruin. he protests against his government, leading to over 80 deaths. his own party has abandoned him. the idea that this now for trade any legitimacy is far-fetched. the government in kiev is legitimate and has been overwhelmingly endorsed by the ukrainian parliament. in the 21st century, no country should be act to hang with such a
animatronic trojan bear gag. it began when ukraine's russian leading president yanukovych. a new ukrainian president came in and russia has invaded crimea. russia would contest two of those points i made tnch in a russian city across the border vic cuc thu tran insist -- viktor yanukovych insisted did he not flee. >> jon: right. you didn't flee you just remembered in the middle of the night that you forgot to turn the oven off in russia. [ laughter ] and the second point of contention involves this whole russian military in crimea thing. >> here say quote "such reports are utter rubbish." we've gotten used to claims that we're conducting military operations against our neighbor. >> jon: can't a neighbor throwed an armed surprise party for a small part of ukraine that historically belonged to us without everything thinks? the russian troops are not on the ground in crimea. >> the russian government has not officially recognized the fact that these are russian solders. >> unmarked no insignia on the ground in crimea. >> they wouldn't tell us who they are, what they are working for, they won'
. but the russian president is dismissing that kind of talk saying the use of force in ukraine would be a last resort and made very clear who he believed is the legitimate ruler of ukraine. >> translator: it's constitutional reward and military seizure of power. the only legal president is yanukovych. only -- only -- few reason why -- how president can be changed. he is dead, impeachment, or resignation letter. >> reporter: but putin also went on to say that yanukovych has lost his power in ukraine, and can no longer return to lead. putin dismissed the west's support for the new government. as for his country's government in crimea, the russian president pointed to its historic ties to ukraine, calling it a fraternal partner bound by the partnership on the shores of crimea with a strong naval presence in the back sea. now del that naval port on the black sea has been within the russian spear of influence and control since the 18th century and katherine the great. it is highly unlikely they are going to get that out, it is key to their military power. but it is also important to note that vladi
today from russian president putin seemed to ease world tension overs ukraine, least temporarily, and at least enough for the financial markets to recover. after taking control of ukraine's crimea region, putin said russia has no swengz of fighting the ukrainian people or annexing crimea, but he reserved the right to use force to protect ethnic russians who live in eastern ukraine. in kiev today, the ukrainian captain, secretary of state john kerry honored protesters killed last month. those protesters drove ukraine's pro-moscow president viktor yanukovych from power, and that is what triggered putin's invasion. also today, the russians test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile in southern russia. elizabeth palmer reports from crimea that russian forces there fired warning shots at unarmed ukrainian soldiers. >> reporter: it was part military maneuver, part exercise in national pride. , cranian soldiers set out to demand the occupying forces give them back their weapons. instead the russians ordered them to halt. and then fired what may be the first shots since this invasi
stranglehold on the ukraine. 16,000 russian troops now surround ukraine's border posts and military bases. ukrainian officials say that two warships are blocked in by four russian navy ships. >> we are examining a whole series of steps, economic and otherwise, that will isolate russia. says thatnt obama russia's actions violate international law and the global markets fell sharply today. for a womanoments in labor on the way at the hospital -- on the way to the hospital. they were leaving their annapolis apartment when they were confronted i've three men with guns. the man took off. the suspects tried to get the woman to let them into an apartment, but she did not have the key. with hercts took off car. after the chase, they were arrested and charged with robbery and assault. there is no word tonight on the woman's condition. the campaign for u.s. senate candidate ed gillespie of virginia is now linked with star power. mitt romney will be heading fundraisers this month in new york, and the tickets will cost, 0 for the reception and dinner. two classic cars swallowed by a sinkhole under th
to ukrain. about 60% of the population in crimea is russian. what is the push aaron alex alexis -- push and pull there? >> i have a lot of friends in ukrain and kiev and people are really divided. because i can't say all of the nation wants to come to europe, there are a lot of people who are pro-russia and lots of people who are against russia, and the country is really divide. really there are a lot of opinions on how the country will develop in some future -- in some near future, so that i'm really worried for my friends and my friends in ukrain are really worried about endangering the stuff ukrain have now, also the revolution, because the revolution is in near past and now the groups -- the power groups, fighting groups in ukrain are starting to kind of divide the pie, and just aim to acquire some part of the powers. some people from [ inaudible ] some official opposition politics, like klitschko and others, and for example [ inaudible ] nation from the extremist group radical extremist group called riot factor, who are not controlled -- >> tim, you mentioned the political parties,
of the justification from russia or what they believe legitimatizes russian ax in ukraine. the russian view is yanukovych is the legitimate leader of the country. if the legitimate leader of the country asks for help, russia is authorized and covered by international law by going in there and answering that call for help. the yanukovych position here in russia, well it's unclear. putin says he's only the only leader. he admits he's got no political future or chance of a comeback. he says he's told them to his face. from the russian view, yanukovych is political dead meat. they're using this request as yanukovych as justification for military action that could come from russia in ukraine. >> phil black, thank you. we'll be right back with a live report from crimea. stay with us. let's say you pay your guy around 2 percent to manage your money. that's not much, you think except it's 2 percent every year. go to e*trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert. it's low. it's guidance on your terms not ours. e*trade. less for us, more for you. so our business can be on
to ukraine. about 60% of the population in crimea is russian. what is the push and pull there? there has to be an internal struggle and struggle of allegiance, yes? >> what i can say is that i have a lot of friends in ukraine and kiev and [ inaudible ] especially, so people are really divided because [ inaudible ] all of the nation -- all of the ukraine nation wants to come to europe, there are a lot of people who are pro-russian, there are lots of people who are against russia, and the country is kind of divide. really, there are a lot of opinions on how the country will develop in some future -- in some near future, so that i'm really worried for my friends and my friends in ukraine are really worried about endangering the stuff ukraine have now, because of revolution is in their near past, and now groups -- there are powerful groups, fighting groups in ukraine are starting to kind of divide the pie, just aim to acquire some part of the powers. likely some people from [ inaudible ] some official mritices, like klitschko and others, and the [ inaudible ] nation is from extremist group c
council on monday ukraine's ambassador asked why some sixteen thousand russian troops had entered ukraine over the past week brandishing what he said was the call be a victory on the cool which is lesser than the russian ambassador said moscow and simply answer the former leader's request for military interventions that the person who would anybody today is the president of ukraine also shares of consent shares the concerns of a lodge as segments of the ukrainian population above what is going on and is appealing to the crash of two mules armed forces in order to change the situation and to prevent this attrition from father that every piece. moscow says it is protecting vulnerable russian speaking ukrainians in crimea. not an argument that has convinced western nations. russian military action is not a human rights protection mission is a violation of international law military action cannot be justified on the basis of threats that haven't been made and aren't being carried out. there is no evidence that ethnic russians are in danger. you don't produce two accused russia of a naked in t
in the ukraine. this morning, after russian president vladimir putin ordered troops stationed on the eastern ukrainian border back to base. this comes after the imf agreed to sanctions on russia. the eu leaders will work for an emergency summit on the continuing crisis on thursday. the eu attempts to show a unified front on russia was damaged yesterday by a british foreign office official who was photographed entering downing street carrying a document warning the uk should not close financial centers to russians. carolin, this highlights the point that it's tough to get agreement even within the eu on this subject. but should they manage to do that, what kind could those kind of sanctions involve? >> the eu was pretty big about that. they said they can suspend talks on visa matters and they could take the unb targeted measures. the press has speculated this could include freezing of assets for a link to the misappropriation of funds, it could involve an arm embargo against russia, but that hasn't been confirmed. and yesterday there were a lot of questions about what could trigger those sanc
warning shots and stood face to face with ukraine soldiers. they were demanding the russians vacate the area. the tense standoff occurred just before secretary of state john kerry arrived in kiev to show support for ukraine's government. >> the united states reaffirms our commit to ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. according to international law. we condemn the russian federation's act of aggression. >> reporter: russia is under pressure to pull thousands of troops from southern ukraine, a region with many ethnic russians and considerable strategic advantages for russia's military. in his first extended comments since russian troops seized crimea, president vladimir putin called the recent uprising an unconstitutional ciewp and said moscow -- coup and said moscow reserves the right to protect ukraine [ inaudible ] it will offer advisories to help with new elections. president obama has also been huddling with his staff about economic sanctions against russia that might convince putin to change course. world financial markets and russia's currency rebounded tuesday aft
of ethnic russians and russian speakers in eastern, southern and in the crimea portions of the ukraine, then the united states will work to put international monitors to look after their interests. nobody really expects vladimir putin to go for that. the united states has been scrambling over the last 72 hours ever since it looked like this is how it would unfold, all the talk is about trying to get the europeans on board about economic sanctions against russia. the israeli prime minister previously scheduled in the oval office, benjamin netanyahu, the talk would be all about the iranian nuclear program or prospects for peak in the middle east. but today inevitably the president was asked about the crisis in ukraine. here is part of his response. >> what cannot be done is for russia with impunity to put its soldiers ton groun on the ground violate basic principles around the world. i think the strong condemnation that it's received from countries on the world indicate the degree to which russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >> secretary of state john kerry is traveling overn
their grip on the crimea region of ukraine. it all unraveled quickly over the last 72 hours. >> the russian federation constitute an act of aggression against the state of ukraine. >> that in response to russian president vladimir putin receiving authorities saturday from his parliament to use military force in ukraine. all the while, the spectacle continued. a mystery gunman with no insignias on their uniforms, patrolling the streets. >> where are you from? >> russia. >> from where in russia? >> it's not important. >> but it is important to nearly all of europe and the united states. president obama spoke to president putin calling on him to withdraw his troops. on sunday the situation seemed to get worse. they surrounded their naval operations base. asking the commander to hand over control. >> we've been ordered to defend the base he says, if anyone tries to force us to leave, we'll defend it and fight with our guns. >> in all some ten bases surround it. ukrainian troops inside the base appear to be russian troops on the youd sides. the stand-offs have been tense, so far there's been no
. >> with russian warships on the coast, and troops around military bases, this part of the ukraine is under the world microscope tonight. >> >> i know president who in has a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations. i do not think that is fooling anybody. >> the threat is there. you have -- with a person taking part in the protests. threats of economic sanctions against russia may be their biggest help. today, it is the ukraine. tomorrow, russia will occupy lot via. -- latvia. it is a threat to the world. >> the russians caused alarm, flawed -- firing a ballistic missile in. that was preplanned before the invasion. not to be shown as a sign of aggression. >> we have one more note on this. word thatt surged on russia had pulled back troops. the s&p 500 gained 28 points. closing any record high. >> fire destroyed a large home in anne arundel county. because of the rural location, fire crews had to truck water in from seven miles away. a dog and two children were home but escaped unharmed. it is unclear what caused the fire. up, a politician turns to a snow shovel to
, cooperation and partnership between the ukraine and russian federation of 1997. russia and ukraine must starts effective dialogue to resolve the crisis between them. a dialogue that would lead to the return of the crimean region to the control as soon as possible. we call on ukraine to take immediate steps to resolve this of both paternity and to respect human right, and particularly the minority rights in to revoke any measures that were taken which may undermine such rights. at the same time, we stress the need to not interfere in the internal affairs so that the country may decide its own political future. the united nations security council must assume its responsibilities regarding the situation in ukraine. we also supports the mediation efforts by the united nations secretary-general and supports the contact with the various parties in this regard. we wish to receive more clarifications from the parties concerned regarding the situation on the ground and particularly in the region. this will be helpful. we note the need for the security council to investigate the crimean region and to lo
reserves the right to use force to protect ethnic russians in ukraine. >> reporter: if we see that lawlessness starting in eastern regions too, if people ask us for help we reserve the right to use all options at our disposal to protect those citizens. >> woodruff: on politics, the russian leader said viktor yanukovich is the legitimate president of ukraine but acknowledged he has no political future. and putin suggested moscow might reject the results of any new elections. >> reporter: it depends on how they will be held. if they are held in the same terror that we see now in kiev, then we won't recognize. >> woodruff: in washington, president obama flatly rejected putin's justifications for russia's actions. >> president putin seems to have different set of lawyers making different set of interpretations. but i don't think that's fooling anybody. i think everybody recognizes that although russia has legitimate interests in what happens in neighboring state, that does not give it the right to use force as a means of exerting influence in that state >> woodruff: ukraine's new
speaking and russian supporting part of ukraine and ukraine will be divided. this is clearly not working the way the u.s. and allies had hoped but they are having meetings tonight in paris and tomorrow in paris and in rome. you will see sergei lavrov but doesn't seem they are backing down. >> it does seem, the ukrainian government and military, russian military out of uniform but there, are trying not to shoot at each other to be blunt. >> i think that's true. i think there were some shots fired today apparently and there are ship movements and worrying facts on the ground. so far it has not been a violent confrontation. kerry was praising ukrainian leaders for showing restraint because the provocation politically and russia could move farther into the rest of the ukraine. so he is urging them to pull themselves together into an interim government that doesn't give putin any pretext that he can point to to try to take control of an entire country. >> let's talk about the president, our president. president obama seems to be allowing the russians do have an interest in ukraine in the sens
they're even russian. a lot of moving part this is morning as secretary kerry arrives in ukraine. >>> what we can learn about the entire 2014 campaign and how one candidate is working on 50 years of family history on the ballot. >>> and more developing news this morning. the president's outside political operation making changes in the wake of an exclusive nbc news report on their fund-raising operation. we'll have more on what organizing for action chief jim messina has now told his team. >>> good morning from washington. it's tuesday, march 4th, 2014. this is "the daily rundown." >>> first reads of the morning, russian president vladimir putin went before the media this morning to defend his country's actions in the wake of the ukrainian revolution, arguing that it amounted to a coup that demanded a russian response. he he told reporters he would use force in ukraine only as a last resort, he claimed. but he said he reserves the right to do so. putin also said further military action would be justified because the ousted president, victor yanukovych has requested it. he said an
of government in ukraine but before russian forces started fanning out across crimea and controlling that region of ukraine. these drills, these war games, they were huge, 150,000 soldiers, huge amounts of hardware, including up to 900 tanks, and there were concerns that this could evolve into some sort of large-scale military incursion or even an invasion into ukraine, but it now seems pretty clear they're being conducted entirely separately to the ongoing military operation in crimea. those drilling forces, they have now been ordered back to barracks, but in crimea, there are no reports of the russian forces there changing the positions that they are occupying. no sign that they are falling back or pulling out of that region at all. and as you say, we are expecting to hear from president vladimir putin any moment. this will be significant, because it is the first time he will have made public statements since this operation began in crimea. >> phil, do we have any idea what he plans to say or what he's going to use these remarks to sort of frame the situation? >> reporter: we don't know precis
as tensions between ukraine and russia escalate. second, in the last few hours, russian presidents putin went before t cameras to address the situation. abc7 news reporter is in washington with the latest. >>> good morning, world powers are warning president putin to withdraw before the situation explodes. so far, he has not budged. >> russian president putin is not back down. today he called the new government illegitimate say it took power as a result of a coup and has ordered some troops on the border to return home tensions are high. >> with the russian air force in the skies and russian boots on the ground and the russian navy patrolling the ports putin controls the crimea region a huge escalation raising tensions around the globe. russia says the troops are protecting shall be citizens from the unrest sparked by protests that led to the out of thing of the president. >> the country is plunged into chaos. all military exercises are put on hold by the pentagon. president obama is again warning russia. >> the strong condemnation received from countries around the world indicates the degree
reports that president putin is listening. >> thousands of russian troops deployed in ukraine, the fundamental position remains the same. >> it is not appropriate to invade a country that is not 21st century g-8 major nation behavior. >> you heard president obama refer to a possible pause in russian military intervention in ukraine. so what did he mean by that? when i asked the officials, i pointed my attention to this quote from vladimir putin today. he said, "regarding the deployment of troops, the use of armed forces, so far there is no need for it. such a measure would be the very last resort." now, russia has already deployed troops in crimea, the pause they are talking about is he hasn't gone further. he hasn't sent them further out of their bases and they are looking at that as a positive sign. >> let's hope that's a positive sign. jim sciutto will be back. as tensions rise in ukraine, u.s. officials are confirming russia has test fired ann ter couldn't nen sal missile. what do we know about this, barbara starr? >> officials are telling us that the russians in fact noti
, but nobody knows if russian troops are headed into east ukraine. we just don't know. good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we are live here at 7:00 p.m. eastern and 4:00 p.m. pacific. we're going to go right to our expert panelists, take a look at the financial, the military and the strategic issues here. we have nick byrnes, former undersecretary of state, retired four star general barry mccaffrey and from the council of foreign relations, ben steele. general, if i may go to you first, sir. one of the big headlines, as you may know, russia to ukraine, surrender crimean forces or face a military storm. that storm is scheduled at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, about 10:00 tonight. what's your take on that, a military storm coming? >> well, the only one thing i'm sure of in this entire crisis is the russians will never end a military stronghold to crimea. >> i don't hear general mccaffrey. let me go to -- >> studio, have you got this? >> i'm sorry. i'm disconnected from general mccaffrey. let me go to nick byrnes and see if he can answer -- we'll go to ben steele who's r
russian forces continue to deploy in crimea taking care of ferry terminals and as eastern ukraine threaten more violence, some say this could quickly escalate. >> this could end up as a full fledge war in eastern europe. this hasn't been more threatening since the balkans in the 1990s. this threatens peace in our time this in the european continent. >> shown he has made his own calculations and to this crisis he has so far only brought the hard power levers of military threat. this pay be a very big roll of the dice. >> if he's betting anything, he's betting that the west will not respond and that he will be able to achieve this and that ukraine will go along with this. and will not ris. resist. those are huge bets, high-risk strategy and events will determine whether he was right or wrong. >> who is putin listening to? analysts suggest a very close circle of advisors which may not even include his economic team. the best person may be german chancellor angela merkel. he understands german, in her telephone call with her over the weekend, osc monitors to check on and watch the human rights
>>> next, a military storm. that's what ukraine says. russian is threatening tomorrow morning. president obama taking a long, hard look at what to do. can anything stop putin? >> plus, shocking the testimony in the trial of oscar pistorius. a witness describes blood-curdling screams on the night pistorius shot and murdered his girlfriend. >>> and what happens when a meets a crocodile? it's not pretty. let's go "outfront." >> and good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, i want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. we begin with the breaking news the world is following tonight. president obama meeting with his top aides at the white house at this moment about the crisis in ukraine. this comes after rising tensions and russian's threat of what is a, quote, military storm. ukraine tonight accused in russia of an ultimatum. either surrender the crimean peninsula or face attack. and these conflicting reports are just part of a day of fast-moving developments in the southern region of ukraine, the peninsula of crimea. senior american o
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